Helping Alaska’s oilfield workers overcome unique retirement challenges.

The oil and gas industries have always been volatile, but here in Alaska, the uncertainty seems more pronounced today. Hilcorp completed the purchase of BP assets resulting in significant retirement plan changes. Economic upheaval continues, and the realities of a physically demanding career are a lot to handle. Mounting pressures like these can cause anxiety and confusion as you consider your long-term financial goals and establish a vision of how you want to live your life, now and in retirement.

At Veritas, we know the hurdles you face as an Alaska oilfield worker planning for retirement. You make many sacrifices for your profession and we believe you deserve to have a strong sense of understanding, confidence and clarity on your financial journey and in your retirement strategy, even amidst this level of uncertainty.


Alaska Oilfield Workers Strategy | Veritas Wealth Management

Confidence grows when you are educated about your options and have a plan in place for your future. With your personalized financial blueprint guiding your saving and investing decisions, a custom investment strategy based on your personal goals, and ongoing financial coaching to educate you as an investor and cheer you on through the tough times, the Veritas team will help you realize your dreams.

Let’s face it, you have enough to worry about as an oilfield worker. Concerns about ill-fitting investments and fear about running out of money in retirement should not be part of your burdens.

Your financial future is too important to go at it alone. Let us help guide you in creating a comfortable, secure retirement income that you can’t outlive. Retirement approaches faster than you would think.

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