Trained & certified by Dave Ramsey’s top coaches, Logan Hufford takes a unique approach to helping his clients improve themselves & their financial habits. This relationship-heavy technique starts from the ground up and heavily emphasizes accountability & personal ownership. Logan works diligently to get to know YOU. Your history, your behaviors, & your mindsets around money. It’s a holistic coaching experience, not commonly found in today’s financial services landscape.

Have you ever wished you could get advice or feedback from an objective 3rd party, as you seek to make healthy and productive choices with your finances? Ever wished you could gain clarity about the right path to take?

Do you have questions about …

  • Getting on or staying on a budget?
  • Eliminating debt once and for good? 
  • The best ways to buy a car, or afford college? 
  • Credit scores, and whether they really matter all that much? 
  • How to build healthy habits and how to get rid of bad ones?

There are no dumb questions and nothing is off the table. And it doesn’t have to be just about money! Logan may initially meet his clients because of a financial question or issue, but ultimately, his goal is to help people grow and be healthier - money is just a piece of that puzzle. 

Let’s talk about it! 
What questions do you have about money?

Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach | Veritas Wealth Management

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