2. Advice: It’s not just what you’ve saved, it’s how you invest it

How you invest your retirement assets can have a big impact on how long they may last and how much income they could generate. Your PlanMember Financial Professional will work with you to design a retirement income and investment strategy that focuses on the following:

  • Investment strategies that mitigate risk but still provide for growth
  • Investment options that are lower-risk and flexible as your needs change
  • Withdrawal game plans that help you meet your income needs

The result is a retirement income and investment plan designed to both meet your lifestyle needs and last over the course of your lifetime.

Tip: Consider different approaches to retirement

You may want to supplement your income with a part-time job early in retirement until you are comfortable with your income, and then gradually increase your withdrawals. Or you may want to do the opposite, and go big early in retirement with activities and travel, and plan to slow down and spend less later.

Whatever your plans, your PlanMember Financial Professional can help you map your course and guide your decisions and show you strategies to help make the most of what you’ve saved.