The Dark Side of Goal Setting: Unhealthy Hyper-Achievement

Chad Hufford |

In this podcast, host, Jeffrey Besecker discusses the significance of goal setting in defining one's purpose and achieving personal growth.

While setting goals can be motivating, it can also lead to anxiety and unfruitful energy if not approached with balance.

The podcast interviews a financial advisor and behavior coach, Chad Hufford, who recognizes that his role is more about behavior management than money management.

Hufford shares his journey and highlights the importance of coaching people to manage their own behavior and develop better habits. The conversation explores the need for a relaxed approach to goal setting and how it can lead to greater peace of mind, and higher levels of success.

Key Show Highlights:

  • Exploring the Power of Healthy Goal Setting
  • How Hyper-Achievement Hinders Our Growth
  • Dispelling the Myths of The Less is More Ethos
  • The Importance of Creating Better Habits in Goal Achievement
  • How The Action Bias Limits Our Ability To Self- Actuate
  • The “Soft Science” of Goal Setting