Retirement: How to not run out of money or purpose | Chad Hufford

Chad Hufford |

How to not run out of money or purpose in retirement with Chad Hufford, owner of Veritas Wealth Management,  a boutique financial planning firm.

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Chad grew up in the financial industry, but also developed a strong background in athletics, nutrition and performance psychology. Chad brings a coaching mindset and the heart of a teacher to financial planning and investing as he strives to both empower and educate his audience to not only become better investors, but to live more intentionally and create an abundant life.

Chad owns a boutique financial planning firm, Veritas Wealth Management, that manages $500 million dollars and serves several hundred families across the US. In addition to finance, he regularly teaches and speaks on fitness and faith, seeing these as all important aspects of a purposeful and abundant life.