Portfolio MRI - Is It Time For A Portfolio Check-Up?

We all know it is dangerous to ignore our physical health, but when was the last time you assessed the health of your portfolio? It’s easy to ignore our investments when everything is going up, but with all of the recent economic and investing volatility, the health of our investments might have more of our attention these days.

Here are some of the questions we are getting asked:

  • How are my funds actually invested? I don’t understand what I have in my accounts!
  • Are my investments still in line with my long-term goals and financial needs?
  • Am I diversified? Are there gaps or redundancies in my retirement accounts that could be exposing me to unnecessary risk or leaving potential growth opportunities on the table?
  • Is my retirement account at risk?

And the most common question:

Am I going to be okay, is my retirement plan still on track?

The Portfolio MRI analysis answers all these questions and more. Like an MRI machine, the Portfolio MRI looks beneath the surface to add clarity to your investing process. It will peel the mutual fund wrappers back to show you what you are invested in, measure your diversification and assess your risk. And most importantly, it will help you see if your current investments are the right tools for your financial goals.

If you would like a personal analysis of your current investment strategy, please use the following link and schedule your Portfolio Check Up:

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